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“An Ingenious Merge”

The Hybrid door is the newest member of the Laforge Doors family. The Hybrid door is an outstanding door as it offers a great many options. This impressive overhead door combines the strength of a commercial door and offers the natural lighting found in our full view service door. The Hybrid door is just that: an ingenious merge of a commercial and a service door..Through the combination of our Commercial Garage Doors with our outstanding R-16 value, to our double paned Service Station door section, you will have value that not only will look attractive and impressive, but will also save you money while helping to maintain your temperature inside your building. Do not forget that all the while providing the benefits of natural lighting!

You have options! Our Hybrid doors do not come in one standard style, you have a choice. For your solid panels, just like our Commercial Doors you have a choice between aluminum or steel. Also you have the choice between single hinges or double hinges for your Service Door sections. Thus, you can customized your next Laforge Door to your needs!.To view more on our Commercial side of the garage doors, please visit the Model 500 & 600 section.

To view more on our Service Station side of the garage doors, please visit our Service Station section.